We provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services relating to Landscape Architecture.

Key to our approach is a desire to be flexible, adaptive and responsive. We aim to ensure services are delivered on every project by individuals with specific and relevant expertise.

Drawing on our collective knowledge and experience, gained through years of private practice, we balance inspiration and critical thinking to deliver the right result for clients and end users.


Our early involvement in site selection and  planning allows us to maximise the development potential of sites

From inception to detailed design stage, we have an extensive knowledge of landscape design and ensure the right solution is applied to every situation

We masterplan and design new urban neighbourhoods, town and city centres

Trained as BREEAM Community Assessors, we can facilitate and manage public exhibitions and workshops, place-check events and surveys

The challenges of climate change mean our towns and cities will need to maximise the use of their public realm. We have developed methodologies to integrate all elements of urban infrastructure into efficient, multi-functional urban corridors

Extensive technical knowledge of construction and detailing mean we are ideally placed to act as Contract Administrators for our landscape and public realm projects

Landscape Planning

As part of an overall EIA, we can carry out assessments of any type of development, both in rural and urban contexts, where impact on heritage and Townscape is also a factor

Part of either the feasibility stage or as part of a scoping assessment, we can quantify the extent to which landscape is able to accept change

We provide written proofs of evidence in relation to challenged planning applications, and if required appear as an Expert Witness at Public Inquiry

We are able to illustrate Townscape, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment with a variety of graphic techniques, including mapping, aerial photography, photomontages and animations resulting in clear, legible and convincing assessments

Of particular use for community engagement or planning presentations, we can produce site wide physical models at appropriate scale